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We have undertaken, designed and delivered a large number of VJ and video related education projects, in a variety of different contexts, from production to performance, from private tutorials to creative curriculum development to accredited course development.

We’re proud to be developing the very first UK official VJ qualification – Levels I & II OCN in VJing as accredited by the National Open College Network. With professional endorsement from the likes of Coldcut, Edirol, DJ MAG & Addictive TV, it’s a sure sign that VJing is coming of age.

We can deliver a variety of workshops or courses based on our existing portfolio, or adapt and develop a new one to a required framework.

We currently use a number of peer educators to facilitate our educational projects and this allows us to provide a uniquely dynamic and interesting team to develop and deliver content.

Our peer educators are all past students of 2 Bit TV, who are currently actively VJing in and around Norfolk.

We encourage creativity and find that VJing is an ideal tool for enhancing learner’s self-motivation, confidence, knowledge and communication skills and IT skills, as well providing a context to engage core literacy and numeracy skills.

We also use video as an assessment / evaluation tool. This provides the project, client and learner a very valid record of progress and development. We introduced this to the Norfolk LEA as part of one of our most recent projects, FOOTPRINTS.

Following the success of FOOTPRINTS, 2 Bit TV, in conjunction with Costessey High School, made the finals of the Eastern Daily Press Business Awards 2004.

In all our educational projects, our aim is to provide a relaxed and creative environment for learners of any age or ability to feel supported, confident and enthused.

For more information please email education@2BitTV.net or give us a call on 01603 760064 and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

Past educational projects Click links to expand

  • jUNKtRUFFLE - Interactive Club night :: 2000 - Present

      Norwich Arts Centre :: Interactive Club night :: 2000 - PRESENT

      One of our own projects to raise the profile of VJing in the region is our club night jUNKtRUFFLE. As well as regular guest DJs & VJs, we include a number of interactive stations where the audience can have a go.

      Interactive Stations have included a MIDI keyboard linked to VJ software (VJAMM or ARKAOS) that allows the user to trigger and manipulate video clips that we then include in the show itself.

      We also have an array of slide projectors with remote controls that allow the audience to create their own visual ambience.

  • VJ! - 1 Day VJ open workshop :: 2002
    • "VJ: A Celebration of 21st Century Video Art"

      Asked by VJs.NET to take part in the UK's 1st official VJ event - A day combining VJ education and entertainment at Ocean (Hackney, London). Along with Raya, we operated the ‘VJ playground’ where visitors enjoyed a hands-on opportunity to check out what VJs actually do and have a go on a variety of standard and custom-built equipment.

      We also performed as part of the finale alongside Headspace, Raya and Exceeda.

      Photos courtesy of VJs.net

  • Paperwebs - Introduction to Web / Design :: 2002
    • As part of the Albion Community Arts Trust (ACAT) we developed & delivered a series of courses on basic web design and graphic design to socially excluded students in the Norwich area. The project was funded by the European Social Fund and Acorn Grants.

  • Out there Festival - VJ workshop :: 2002
    • As part of the multimedia area for the Out There Festival we were asked to deliver a VJ taster session: A very basic introduction to VJ as a whole – from production to performance, a chance to promote VJ and gather more interest!

  • Looks like music - 10 wk VJ course :: 2002
    • Our first VJ course. Alongside NAC, East Coast B Boys and Sure Shot we developed and delivered a VJ/DJ/Music production course funded by National Youth Music.

      The VJ element consisted of a 10 week programme covering a variety of practical & theoretical VJ components including – a brief history of VJing, production, software performance, hardware performance, creative camera skills, health & safety etc.

      The course culminated in a Showcase event where all the VJs, DJs & producers performed alongside an established act – Cut La Roc (Skint Records)

  • Mixed Vision - Dance & VJ experiment :: 2003
    • We were asked by CBA to take part in a mixed vision dance to demonstrate how digital technology can enhance the creation of performances involving disabled and able-bodied performers. Developed by 2 Bit TV, Lorraine Von Gehlen and dancer Rachel O'Doherty.

      We experimented with a variety of light beams & MIDI alongside PCs running VJAMM.

  • Looks like music 2 - 10 wk VJ course :: 2003
    • Due to the success of the first LLMSLV course we were able to extend funding to further develop and deliver a second course.

      The VJ element consisted of a 10 week programme covering a variety of practical & theoretical VJ components including – a brief history of VJing, production, software performance, hardware performance, creative camera skills, health & safety etc

      The course culminated in a Showcase event where all the VJs, DJs & producers performed alongside an established act – DJ Woody

  • Patchwork - Introduction to VJing :: 2003
    • As part of a CAE project we were asked to provide a VJ element to a multidisciplinary arts project focusing on students on the edge of exclusion from formal education.

  • Blast! (BBC) - Introduction to VJing :: 2003
    • We were approached by BBC East to provide an ‘exciting, dynamic & youth orientated’ course or series of workshops to promote their relocation to the forum and Blast! Youth Project.

      We developed and delivered a 3 day basic VJ course covering creative camera skills, basic production & basic performance.

      The project culminated with a showcase event in Origins – a multimedia visitor’s attraction aimed at promoting Norfolk’s history. We had 3 VJ set-ups performing simultaneously and the event, part of which went out live on the BBC as part of a newscast.

  • Eastern Sun Fayre - Open plan VJ / DJ workshop :: 2003
    • As trustees of the Albion Community Arts Trust we were part of a group that organised a free one-day event in Norwich’s Earlham Park.

      Amongst other things, 2 Bit TV was responsible for the educational components of the event, including a series of workshops including: –

      Circus Skills The Fool Hardy Folk
      Drumming Drum Camp
      Samba Spirit of Carnival / Norwich Samba Band
      Graffiti Kevin Parker
      Comedy Theatre of Adventure
      Puppet Making Cendrine Belleux (Norwich Puppet Theatre)
      VJing 2 Bit TV
      DJing 2 Bit TV

      The event was a resounding success and the workshops were particularly successful, due to the workshop tutors, being leaders in their field.

      We held an open plan VJ & DJ workshop with Dave Breaks in the multimedia area, alongside performances by N0Media, Olli Rinser and The AVologists.

  • Footprints - Creative Curriculum Development :: 2004
    • We were approached by Creative Partnerships Norfolk to create and deliver a learning programme using digital video, integrating aspects of the National Curriculum and exploring the theme of Anglo Saxons/Vikings. No mean feat - trust us!

      As part of a larger CP cluster, involving 12 schools, we were asked to work with a number of pupil groups from Costessey High School, including: Year 10 Business Studies, Year 11 Work Related Learning, Year 9 Art & Year 8 English and Drama.

      Our task was to complement the learning program that each pupil was currently following, as part of the National Curriculum or GCSE.

      After scratching our heads on “how to actually involve DV & Vikings” and through much consultation with the associated teachers and obviously, the pupil participants at the school, we came up with 4 different programmes that involved DV, the student’s curriculum and the Vikings theme.

      The 4 programmes included -

      Year 8English
      A Modern retelling of Anglo Saxon Chronicle became a tongue in cheek modern News Programme.

      Year 9Art
      Abstract Viking imagery and themes became a 6 min video loop projected on to the sail of Viking longboat.

      Year 10Business Studies
      The question ‘Why the Vikings came to Norfolk?’ was answered by creating a collection of adverts aimed at attracting Vikings to Norfolk.

      Year 11Work Related
      A more vocational programme here involved the students creating a Documentary of the entire Vikings & Costessey Project that covered all aspects of documentary making.

      All of the groups works culminated in a 4 month long exhibition at the regions leading museum – Norwich Castle Museum.

  • MIMO - VJ OCN levels I & II :: 2004
    • In conjunction with CAE, we successfully applied for funding from ESF to develop and deliver a DJ/VJ OCN Level I & II package. This is a particularly exciting project, as we believe it’s the first of its kind in the UK i.e. an official accredited VJ course.

      Building on our past experience of VJ courses we are currently awaiting accreditation from OCN (Open College Network) for levels I & II.

  • Norwich City College - VJ enrichment programme :: 2005
    • We were approached by Norwich City College (East Anglia’s largest institute of FE) to provide an ‘enrichment programme’ for the Foundation Studies department.

      We developed and delivered a 10 wk VJ programme to 3 different mixed ability groups that focused on the production and performance aspects of VJing using PCs, V4’s, mini DV cameras, Premier Pro 1.5 and VJamm Pro.

  • Verbal Vids - Video and literacy programme :: 2005
    • In conjunction with Luke Wright of Aisle16 we created Verbal Vids – a programme that fuses literacy, confidence building, creativity and technology.

      Using VJ software and poetic structures we worked with a group from Wroughton Junior school to produce a number of Audio Visual poetry performances.

      Due to the success of this groundbreaking project we are currently developing a programme to address other key stage groups.

  • Verbal Vids - Video and literacy programme :: 2006

    • Verbal Vids was developed by 2Bit out of a relatively vague brief from CP, as a one-off solution for a small group of children whose school identified them as ' invisibles', due to their shyness and lack of confidence in expressing themselves.

      The time allocation for the children, was expected to be used in relevance to the National Curriculum requirements for literacy.

      The learning and activity programme we designed in response to this specific brief incorporated some of the expectations of Key Stage II Literacy at year 4 in its content.

      The success of the project, in terms of it's main objectives of engaging the children in such a way that they would be able to create and carry out there own performances, be faced with the disciplines of being part of a creative team and respond positively and actively and then to be able to reflect on the progress they had made, was outstanding.

      It also proved the value of the techniques we used to access the creative, literacy, technical and performance skills the learners needed in order to produce credible outcomes and feel pleased with themselves.

      The structure and rationale of the project, based around the creation and triggering of audio-visual material within the limitation of the sixteen active keyboard positions available in the software, makes it easily adaptable to develop content and objectives presenting appropriate challenges and potential success for learners at KS 1 through 3 and beyond.

      2 Bit TV are in the process of creating progressive models and session plans for 6 Verbal Vids projects, consisting in two projects for each of KS I to III.

      We are also developing a model for teacher in-service training modules, which, as well as being a fun experience, will enable centres to engage, customise and deliver the project themselves, rather than have our small team spread thinly amongst a few pupil learners.

  • I'm spiralling - Dance, VJ and confidence building project :: 2006
    • We were asked to develop a video component of this project to engage and help develop pupils on the edge of exclusion from school.

      Working with NAC, Norfolk Dance and the N Walsham PRU we developed a programme using dance and video as a tool to help pupils on the edge of exlcusion to gain confidence and explore the mediums of dance and live video.

Current projects Click links to expand

  • Acorn Grants - Acorn Grants funded VJ, poetry & communication project :: 2006
    • We have succesfully become the regions newest regional Arts Awards centre able to deliver both Bronze & silver awards.

      Working with the N Walsham PRU we are currently developing a programme using performance poetry and video as a tool to engage and help develop pupils on the edge of exclusion from school. Its due to commence in September 2006.

  • 2 Bit TV - Mobile Media Lab :: 2005 -
    • After working on a large number of educational projects using either our own performance kit or borrowed ‘not-up-to-it ’ kit, we have decided to invest in a suite of new workshop media systems.

      We have had great experiences with VJamm, PCs and Vegas so we are building the suite around these fundamentals. We will soon have a mobile media suite that is capable of sustaining up to 12 learners in a variety of PC based learning projects – including graphic design, DV & VJ.

      With this new addition to our education unit, we will be able to take any of our projects to most venues or organisations. We just need a roof (depending on season!), power and space to setup.

      Technical Specifications

      6 x Shuttle 6100 systems (3.0GHz, 512 Ram, 120G HDD, 128Mb GFX)

      4 x Edirol V4 VJ mixers

      4 x Sony preview Monitors

      4 x Video projectors

      2 x Edirol PC30 keyboards

      Each Shuttle XPC will have the following software pre-installed >> Windows XP PRO, VJamm Pro, Sony’s Vegas 5, Adobe After Effects, Motion Dive Tokyo, Meimi, Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5


Many thanks to all of the organisations and people below who have helped us create the 2 Bit TV we are today. A very special thanks to Elli Chapman, Geoffrey Troth at OCN, the VJAMM team (for the VJ software) and the hard work and dedication from the global VJ community and all of the VJs and video artists who have contributed to VJ Forums and VJ Central.